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Dumping Ballast

Many of us think about the things we’d like to acquire and achieve in that untouched year ahead, all sparkling and fresh and full of potential—yet we also know that New Year’s resolutions can be very hard to keep. We want to soar in the next twelve months… but will it happen?

So often our intentions and promises to ourselves for the year ahead feel more like weights than wings. Under our surface enthusiasm for making changes, we feel tired, heavy, even a bit resentful. MORE? I have to do MORE? Change MORE?

What if that weighed-down feeling comes from trying to rise up, to add new behaviors, new regimens, new changes, without dropping any of the old ballast that’s keeping us grounded?

It’s hard to soar if outdated and limiting beliefs, decisions and reactions are anchoring us firmly to the old ways, attitudes and energy levels. So just in case the thought of a brand new start in 2018 isn’t filling you with joyful, soaring energy, here’s a tool to help you dump some ballast before taking off into 2018.

The process below focuses on just one type of ballast: old, outdated beliefs. Why? Because there’s strong agreement now that our world—both inner and outer—tends to respond the way we believe it will. So getting the most “lift” for the new year can depend heavily (pun intended!) on throwing some old, outdated beliefs over the side. Here we go!

Dumping Belief Ballast

1. Pick one area of change to focus on. What do you want to clear the way for?

A change in your physical condition? What, specifically?

A change in how you feel emotionally? How do you want to feel?

A change in your mental energy (motivation, enthusiasm, etc.)? What do you want your mental climate to be?

An improved relationship with someone? Who? What would it look like and feel like?

Improved outer conditions: finances, living conditions, job, etc.? Specifics?

2. Form a specific intention in that area. What’s the particular end result you’re looking for? How, specifically, do you want to feel after that shift? Be as detailed as possible.

3. Let the old ballast show up. What beliefs may be blocking the way to that change? Here’s a way to look just below the level of our conscious awareness:

With a new Word file or pen and paper available, sit quietly and take some deep breaths. Consider the end result you want. Then say, preferably aloud: “I can’t have this new state because…” and let the sentence finish itself.

Whatever fills in the blank is a limiting belief that may not serve you well. Write it down.

Examples: “… life doesn’t work that way.” Or “… healing doesn’t work for me.” Or “… I don’t have the energy/time/money/resources.” Or “… I’ve already tried and failed.” Or “… I don’t deserve it.” Or “… I’m not strong enough.” Or “… it’s not safe.” Or “… the (current condition/illness/character trait) is in my genes. I inherited this from _________ and I’m stuck with it.” Or “… I would risk losing __________.” Or… your turn!

4. Repeat till nothing more comes up. Write them all down.

5. For each limiting belief, ask, “Does this belief serve me today?” Note that you are not asking if the belief is “true” or “false.” We’re just dumping ballast here. It’s pretty clear that our deep beliefs either enable or disable most of the significant choices and changes in our life. The question is, does having the belief “I can’t do this because… ___________” as a default operating mechanism actually serve your current purposes in life? Does it help you heal? Keep you safe? Keep you loved? Make you successful?

6. If necessary, get deeper confirmation. Your heart is more completely attuned to your real needs and deeper wisdom than your conscious mind. If in doubt about whether the particular belief you’ve unearthed serves you today, let your heart weigh in. Put your hand on your heart and say aloud, “My heart says this belief…” then let your heart complete the sentence.

7. State your intention to let go. Say aloud, “I am ready to let go of these old beliefs now, because they do not serve me.”

8. Clear the unhelpful beliefs out of the body. Open to higher wisdom, God, Source, the Universe and ask for assistance in letting go. Then close your eyes, vividly calling up the sensation of stepping into a waterfall or shower of pure liquid light. Let the light flush all the unwanted beliefs out of your body, then your heart, your mind, your energy fields. Vividly feel, or imagine, or know, that they are leaving. When you sense that only the light is left, filling your whole body, mind and heart, thank your “higher help.”

9. Add resources. What inner states, attitudes or awareness would help you soar into a new space this next year? Courage? Perseverance? Trust? Seeing the joy in life? Self-honesty? Perspective? Sense of humor? Compassion (for yourself and others)? Listening to your intuition? Loving yourself more? An open heart?

What would help? Imagine mixing your chosen resources into a sparkling Elixir of Change. Drink it down, slowly, feeling it spreading throughout your body, our mind, your heart-space, your energy fields, reminding you of who you really are and what is really possible.

10. Get ready to take off! Rest is part of readiness, and so I send you warm wishes for a year-turn that is both joyful and restful. In the new year we’ll look at ways to develop and maintain momentum as you put your intentions into action.

One last note:

Not all our limiting beliefs, of course, are conscious or close to the surface. Deeper layers of outdated beliefs may need facilitated processing in order to show up and fall away. If you sense there’s more ballast you need to dump but have no idea how to access and clear it, I’d be happy to help you with that. Contact me via this website or call me at 970-482-2974.

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