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Magician's Action Checklist

We're all magicians, you know. We may get frustrated and discouraged by our apparent lack of influence in the world. We may complain that our life looks like a patchwork of decisions and actions thrown out at random into a random universe. That what we say and do just doesn't matter in the larger scheme of t hings. But we really know better, don't we?

After a few increasingly conscious decades spent on this planet, we may have begun to suspect otherwise. Somehow, the energy of what we sow seems to match the energy of what we reap. We begin to notice the synchronicities in our lives. We become increasingly aware that the patterns of what returns to us, what changes around us, bear a familiar energy signature: ours. The vibration, energy, nature, call it what you will, of what returns to us, of what swirls around us in ever-widening circles — somehow this matches what we've been putting out there. A stream of complaint and discouragement will tend to bring us more to complain about. An output of gratitude and love for life will tend to bring us a life we love and are most thankful for.

It's — magic. Everyday magic, but magic nonetheless. And we are the magicians.

And so, when we are contemplating a significant action, before we send it flying out there to do what it does, whether nextdoor or in the next galaxy but one, doesn't it make sense to have a pre-flight checklist, as it were? Some years ago, I "heard" and wrote down and Action Checklist for just such occasions. Here it is, with a very recent addition (see this blog's companion, Second Look, for how that came about), in hopes it may prove useful to you from time to time.

Magician’s Action Checklist

Before taking any large action, especially if your action will affect others, you may wish to run quickly through this checklist.

Am I seeing my present circumstance clearly? Have I looked at it carefully, in the bright daylight of unbiased receptivity? Have I gathered all necessary facts? Have I checked to see if my own beliefs, assumptions, fears, desires or prejudices are pushing me into premature or unwise action?

Can I act from still, open, loving neutrality? Have I first checked for and cleared any unhealthy stories and allowed their associated emotional responses to rise up and fall away?

Is action needed? Are words needed? What does my body have to say about whether this situation needs outer action or simply my attention and/or energetic input?

Is this action mine to take? To what degree is the action that has presented itself something I, and only I, can and must do? Would another person be more empowered if I let them do it instead?

What is my positive intent here? How will this action benefit me, those around me, my world?

What is my vision for the outcome of this action? Is it clear, positive and heartfelt?

Have I let go of the outcome? Am I willing to trust that the larger picture is somehow being served even if the results are not what I was hoping for?

Is this action needed immediately? What is the best timing for this action? Are there preparatory steps I need to take first? Are there outer events that need to align themselves more completely first?

How can my energetic input smooth the way? What would be the best vision and intention to send forth to the Most High before, during and after taking this action?

If this checklist resonates with you, feel very free to download it — and perhaps even print it out and keep it handy. Who knows, it might call to you at the very time you most need it. Magic works that way, you know.

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