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Making Friends With Feelings


How to welcome all your emotions, embrace them fully and let them go – in seconds!

Ever thought about how much time we all spend trying to "manage" our strong emotions – especially the so-called "negative" emotions like fear, anger and sadness and their crowds of threatening relatives? Some of us specialize in keeping them in: pushing our feelings down, ignoring them or distracting ourselves from them. Some of us try throwing them out: aiming our feelings at others via blame, aggression or neediness. And some of us just resign ourselves to feeling them – and feeling them, and feeling them, for days, weeks, months on end…

Well, there's good news. It turns out that feelings aren't here to be "managed"; they're here to be befriended. And when we do make friends with them, we discover they make very good guests indeed.


LifePath's Making Friends With Feelings CD will teach you – quickly! – the skills you need to befriend all your emotions and get the joy back in your life. You'll learn brief, simple skill-building workouts, and you'll get a chance to practice your new skills in real-life situations. And then, as you apply those techniques day-to-day and make friends with all your feelings, you can watch your life change for the hugely better.

Ready for the sun to come out? If you live in the US, here's the link to buy the Making Friends With Feelings CD. If you live in Canada and would like to buy this CD, please  email me directly.

The Gold Star Technology


A new way to transform old habits and behaviors – and have fun doing it!


Yes, it is possible to use inner processing to clear long-held pain, update unproductive beliefs, and replace old decisions with new commitments to healthy action. But that's just the first part of the healing process. Because then we go forth to live our life – and run smack into the unhealthy, habitual behaviors that have been causing us so much pain. Outer habits like overeating or shouting at our kids… inner habits like shutting down emotionally or telling ourself horror stories…


I've observed that virtually all of us have some behavior we are working hard at changing, nearly all the time. And how do we go about that? Cursing, shaming and browbeating ourself into the new way can work – a little, sometimes. But how effective are most of those attempts at behavior change, really? And what price do we pay in stress and pain and frustration as we wage war with ourself?


What if there were a simple, fast and actually self-supportive process for changing old unwanted behaviors? 

What if we could truly enjoy the change process – and arrive on the other side rested, relaxed, and having somehow become our own best friend along the way?


LifePath's Gold Star Technology  CD gives you skills and practice in doing just that. 

Ready to transform your relationship with yourself and your world – and have fun doing it? If you live in the US, here's the link to buy the Gold Star Technology  CD. If you live in Canada and would like to buy this CD, please  email me directly.



A two-CD set of guided meditations, visualizations and tools for meeting life's challenges gracefully and moving forward in clarity, strength and peace.

The first two CDs of the LifePath Series give you new methodologies and practical workouts for cleaning up some old, habitual ways of dealing with both our inner world of feelings and our outer world of behaviors. Very important stuff; and yet sometimes we need to take some time out from all the "working on ourselves." Volume Three of the LifePath Series, Interludes, provides two CDs' worth of "time out."

These deep guided meditations are designed to give you that precious gift: a time-out in the rapid-paced "game" of life. Time to take a deep breath and consciously choose how you wish to receive the events your lifestream is bringing you. Time to deepen your relationship with yourself. Time to look at your wishes and beliefs, your desires and goals, and how they serve you. Time to make a deliberate shift into freedom, serenity and choice.

Here is a series of inner experiences to star in, or just relax and enjoy. You may find yourself traveling down a river or lying in a meadow; sitting in a hot pool or around a campfire; bathing in a grotto or climbing a tower. And here are a few of the challenges these visualizations can help you enlist your deep self in handling:

  • Chemo and radiation

  • Old family patterns and trauma

  • Tension and resistance to life

  • Connecting with your body

  • Finding your heart's desire

  • Relaxing into peace

Ready to take some time out? You just might discover it's some of the most productive relaxing you've ever done! If you live in the US, here's the link to buy the Interludes CD set. If you live in Canada and would like to buy this CD set, please  email me directly.

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