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Help with pain, stress, anxiety, depression, and a whole lot more.


​So often we find ourselves trapped, limited by old patterns, behaviors, beliefs and emotions, unable to heal in all the ways we feel we need to—and most of the time, we don't even know where those old patterns came from, how we got here.


If despite all your best efforts you find yourself trapped or limited—whether emotionally, physically, or behaviorally—and unable to heal fully, a LifePath session can help you clear out the root cause and open the way to true healing, peace and happiness.

Although I see a few clients in person, most sessions are conducted by phone.  Sessions last around two hours and include a deep-work process called Journeywork, developed in the early 1990s by internationally acclaimed teacher and healer Brandon Bays. Outlined in her bestselling book The Journey, this work is now recognized worldwide as one of the most powerful healing processes available igniting the body’s own healing wisdom and opening us into the deepest level of the soul.


What happens in a Journey session


In a deeply relaxed state, you "travel" into your body to uncover old pain, outdated decisions and unproductive beliefs still sitting in your cellular memory.  You get a chance to "dialog" with the people involved with the issue and memory at a warm, safe inner "campfire."  You get to say whatever needs to be said, finishing the unfinished business that got stored in your cells. 


As the stored emotions and memories are released, you find that forgiveness comes naturally.  You "return" to your outer world newly empowered and at choice, free to heal physically and emotionally.  Now the enormous natural healing power of your body and being is unblocked, and the old toxins, limiting patterns and trapped energies begin to leave your body, mind and heart.  You are unstuck, ready to walk your lifepath in health, confidence and peace. 

Results are profound and lasting


Around the world, tens of thousands of people have used Journeywork to clear their grief, rage, fear, guilt, addictions, depression, eating disorders, low self-esteem, anxiety and panic attacks, and self-sabotaging behaviors.  Other thousands have healed from sexual abuse, chronic pain, auto-immune diseases, tumors and other physical illnesses of all kinds.  


I've been privileged to help facilitate a whole lot of healing over my nearly 30 years in practice.  You'll find just a few of those Success Stories on the next page.

I’ll be there between sessions, too. 


As a Licensed Spiritual Health Coach and Accredited Conscious Coach, I’m interested in you as a whole being, not just an “issue” or “condition.”  I use these coaching skills, as needed and requested, to help you initiate the inner shifts and outer changes that set you more firmly on your lifepath and keep you moving, expanding, healing, growing.  Together we can explore what your soul is asking from you and what choices will serve you best—then go to work with inner and outer tools to make it happen. 


Having a rough day?  Questions or challenges showing up?  Email me!  Unlimited “maintenance support” via email is part of your healing process, to help you not just feel better but keep building on your gains between processes. 

Here’s the equation I’ve found the most effective in producing real health and happiness as we walk our lifepath:

Processes + Tools + Maintenance Support = Lasting Change 

You have a right to experience all three of these vital elements of change as an integrated whole.  I’m here to provide them.  If you feel there might be a match here, contact me to set up your free phone consultation.  I’ll be delighted to chat with you!   

Why it works


Ideally, the human organism is astonishingly powerful, responsive and adaptive.  You’re probably well aware of how a threat to our physical or emotional well-being triggers a flood of hormones and other neurochemicals to ready our body and mind for action:  Fight?  Flight?  Or perhaps just freezing in place till the danger is over...


You probably also know that, though this was a great system in ages when danger was primarily physical, it doesn’t always work as well in the complex world of today.  Because far more often than not, we don’t get to complete the action those chemicals want us to take.  We don’t get to run away, take a swing at someone, or even fully and healthily feel the emotions—anger, fear, sadness or other powerful emotions—that are urging us to fight, flee or freeze.

Instead, what happens all too often?  Here’s an example.  Let’s say you’re four years old.  It’s a hot summer’s day, and wonder of wonders, you’ve just been handed a yummy chocolate ice cream cone!!!  But—being four years old—you’re pretty distractible.  Your attention gets caught by an ant on the sidewalk and—oh-oh!  Before you know it the cone is upside down and the ice cream has joined the ant on the pavement. 


So now your insides take over.  Your body immediately starts getting you ready to express your extreme displeasure.  You are furious and frustrated and sad all at the same time.  The adrenal glands start flooding the bloodstream with chemicals on their way to the tear ducts to tell them “Get ready to open!” to the hands and feet:  “Clench up!  You might need to hit or kick someone!”; to the lungs:  “Draw in a deep breath, get ready to yell your way out of this!”   And if the body gets its way, you will proceed to have a full-on tantrum—for a few seconds.  Then, the adrenal cortex will say “Okay, mission completed successfully,” and send out the counter-chemicals to clear the adrenaline and its chemical relatives out of the bloodstream.  The whole thing will be over, you’ll feel better, and—if nothing interrupts this process—very soon you’ll be cheerfully asking for another icecream cone, or just moving on to the next fascinating event in your life.   


If nothing interrupts the process.  But how often is that so?  Most times, you get some powerful instant feedback from whoever’s in charge.  Maybe it’s a threat:  “One sound out of you and I’ll give you something to cry about!”  Or perhaps it’s a bribe:  “Oh, honey, please don’t cry!  I’ll get you another ice cream, just hush and be good for Mommy!”  Either way, you get the message loud and clear:  the response you are having to your situation is NOT OKAY.  STOP, your mind says—consciously or unconsciously—to your body.  Just STOP.


And so your cells help you out.  The chemicals and emotional energy that have been running through your bloodstream are quickly absorbed through the neuroreceptors in the nearest cells, to be stored safely in the cells until further notice. 


The trouble is, “further notice” never comes.  You go on with your life, the incident forgotten.  And over time, more STOP messages or HIDE THIS messages get transmitted to the body and being.  More and more toxins pile up in the cells, passed down through the cell generations, blocking the cell receptors and taking those cells “offline.”  No wonder eventual physical illness or unseen emotional pressure can come roaring up to create havoc later in life! 


Journeywork helps you access the innate knowing deep inside that can pinpoint just what needs to be released.  As you finish the unfinished business, you clear the root cause of your current issue and unleash your body and being’s immense self-healing power.


Further questions on just how this works?  We can go into more detail, if you like, in your free phone consultation.  Email me or call me at 970-482-2974. 

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