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Natural Safety: Resetting Your Energy Field

We are all born with a natural, healthy energy boundary around us that keeps our own personal energy supply available to us, and protects us against unconsciously taking in what others are putting out. Unfortunately, in challenging times that boundary can get ripped away—it’s like walking around with your skin off—or get distorted in various unhealthy ways. Here’s a way to restore those healthy energetic boundaries so you can live peacefully in your own inner space.

This tool is especially useful if you:

  • find yourself unable to say no to others;

  • tend be very influenced by other people’s tantrums, guilting, etc.;

  • are overly sensitized to events in the news, others’ feelings, etc. and “take them on,” to the point of becoming physically ill at times;

  • spend your time people-pleasing and trying to anticipate how others will react; or

  • feel “invaded” by others’ energy and emotions a lot.

A healthy energy field with a firm, strong boundary will keep out other people’s ugly “stuff” and any invasive attempts to dominate you energetically or emotionally. By balancing and restoring the natural energetic protection which is your birthright, creating a strong energy field actually enables your heart to be more open, your mind more relaxed. You will be more able to stand firm without feeling invaded, to make your own choices without giving in to others inappropriately, and to stay serene even when chaos appears to reign in the outer world.

Energy Field Reset

1. Close your eyes and imagine the natural field (aura) of light or energy around you. How bright is it, especially at the edges (color is irrelevant)? Kind of dim? Moderately bright? Dazzling? And how far out does this field extend? Inches? Feet? Yards? Miles?

2. Now imagine a dimmer switch (rheostat) in the area of your lower LEFT ribs. This is your distance indicator. The rheostat is calibrated from 0 to 10, where “0” means your energy boundary is right up against your skin, and “10” indicates it extends way beyond the room. At what number is the pointer set now?

3. Adjust the size of your energy field. Now move the pointer up and down, watching how that field of light around you shrinks and expands. And now bring the field to 3 feet out (about fingertip length) from the body all round you. “Peg” the pointer at that number so it can’t move. Note the number.

Note: This field should stay at that distance in all situations. Three feet out is both healthy and safe; no need to change it.

4. Now imagine a similar rheostat near the lower RIGHT ribs. This one controls the brightness of your energy field, especially at the boundary. Again, the dial is calibrated from 0 to 10: “0” is completely dark and “10” is blinding, like an explosion. Note the brightness of your energy field again: now that you have re-sized the field, the brightness may have intensified if you brought the boundary in, or lessened as you moved the boundary out. At what number is the pointer set?

5. Adjust the brightness of your energy field. Now turn your attention to the pointer on this right-side dial. As you move the pointer up or down, notice how the brightness shifts. And now bring the brightness up to where if you looked at the boundary, three feet out, you’d need sunglasses. When the boundary is bright enough to dazzle you, then peg the pointer at that number. This is the “just right” setting for almost all occasions. Note the number.

6. Do a quick experiment. Closing your eyes, imagine someone standing a few feet away, someone you know whose energy can feel invasive or threatening: perhaps they’re having a tantrum, or trying to get you to do something, or pulling at you with their needy energy. In your picture of them, see or feel their energy moving toward you… notice what happens when it hits that dazzling new boundary of yours! Perhaps it will melt, or bounce, or just fall to the ground. (If any seeps through, turn your right-side dial up a notch and try again.)

Now bring into the picture someone whose energy is kind, loving and true. Notice how any energy that is truly loving, any energy of wisdom and truth, goes right on in, enhancing your energy field with more and more love and truth.

7. For a few days, check in frequently “by the numbers.” Your energy field has now been adjusted to its optimal size and most useful intensity. The two numbers you noted down provide a quick and easy way to see if your energy field is being maintained at the best settings. The body may need a few days to adjust to these new levels, so for the next two or three days, we suggest you “check your numbers” every time you go in or out of an exterior door. Just see, or get a sense of, the two inner rheostats: are they still set at the numbers where you left them? If not, bring them back to those numbers and really screw the peg in tight!

8. Notice how different it feels. Notice how you can sit safe and serene inside these healthy boundaries, in your own energy. Notice how much easier it is to be calm, compassionate and loving, yet just as firm as you need to be. This exercise alone has proven to be a huge relationship changer…

9. Do a quick cleansing sweep of your field every evening. Whenever possible, let your last act of the day be to clean up your energy. Imagine you are sweeping your wand through your energy field, all around your body, and feel the wand picking up any “dirty” energy that your body, mind or heart needed to dump in the last 24 hours. When the wand has picked it all up, see a mini-version of the sacred fire of all Life in front of you; shake your wand over it, and thank the fire for taking this unneeded stuff back to the Source of all. Done!

10. Dial up or down for special occasions. It’s a good idea to keep the number at the lowest possible to do the job (i.e. keeping out what needs to stay out). If the “brightness” number is too high, you may find people crossing to the other side of the street to avoid that powerful boundary. (A “10,” for example may be a good level for walking alone down a city street at midnight, but not for connecting with friends or colleagues!)

Play around with finding the best brightness number for everyday use, with the understanding you can “dial up” to meet a challenging situation or “dial down” to soften your energy field when needed. Remember to restore to your default settings later!

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